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I've had problems with my wisdom teeth for about a year now or more. My top two came in no problem there was plenty of room for them and I have a high pain tolerance so the teething part of it didn't phase me that much. But now the bottom right is trying to come in and there is absolutely no room. Its definitely impacted (coming in sideways pushing on back teeth) also most painful way for them to come in. Oh and my top right one is decayed . I have good teeth so I guess because it was a wisdom tooth it wasn't as strongor something and it sstarted as a chip in it and now it a full blown cavity, part of it is down to the gum its so bad. So all my pain is on the right side and I can't tell if its the bottom impacted one hurting or the top decayed or both. But it got the worst last night at about 2:30am and has not stopped hurting and its now 12 pm. It has eased a bit but I have taken 5 ibuprofen and two Excedrin. The Ib's didn't really do much but the Excedrin helped a little. The ib's help if you take them before the pain starts or right when it hits but once the pain is there they don't help. The Excedrin eases the pain for about 2 hours if lucky. Really the only thing I've found to actually help the pain be bearable is a rice sock. Take a tube sock and put uncooked rice in it, not minute rice. Tie it was off and put it in the microwave for about a minute and a half or until its as hot as you like and hold it against the area of your face that hurts. It helps me a lot to cope with the pain. Please note cold pack do not help pain they help take swelling down heat helps the pain. The sock is also great for headaches backaches really any kind of ache or pain. Like I said I can handle pain pretty good but last night I was crying it was so bad and I know the pain is awful but try not to cry cause it makes the pain even worse I had to force myself to stop. Thank goodness I found my heat sock cause its all that is getting me through this day. Now I'm going to go gargle salt water pray it helps. I hope you all start feeling better and hope this helps.

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