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I cured my terrible strain of athlete's foot within 3 weeks after trying unsuccessfully meds (lamisil), store bought creams, vinegar, bleach, epsom salt and rubbing alcohol. What finally worked was opening the blisters while squeezing them as I soaked my toes in proxide. I could see the peroxide working as it bubbled while it attacked the liquid oosing out of the blisters. I combined this treatment with applying a product from the natural food store called Fungal Free Nails. It has the same ingredients as Listerine and Vics plus tea tree oil. Internally I cut out sugar, took one teaspoon of garlic every night for about a week, took a drop of oregano oil in the morning, acidophilus at lunch and 14 drops of grapefruit seed extract after dinner.

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This was a bit extreme but worth arty I guess!

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