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I was on vacation in Louisiana and only had medical overage in my home state of California I couldn't see a doctor and emercengy room was out of the question. I went to those medical clinics inside Walgreen's and the medical attendant said they do not see patients below the waist. I had my boil on my vagina lip. So I took pictures and showed the pharmasist. Thank God she was female. She told me it was a boil and to go home and soak in a bath tub of water as hot as I could handle it. Well I went back to my boyfriends family home and sat in the tub for at least an hr. With almost boiling hot water. I couldn't clean or wash myself at this point I felt like death. Anyways I got out and literally as I walked in the room the boil just pursted. Out game so much blood after blood after blood I didn't have any towels I could use I felt bad being in someone else's home and using their towels for my blood. So I used an entire roll of toilet paper that's how much blood was coming out of this nickel sized boil. Anyways needless to say I was in instant relief and felt amazing that night. First boil I have gotten on my body but not the last. So I recommend just a long extremely hot bath. But only as hot as you can handle. Good luck. I feel your pain.

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I had this same bath does help but at the onset of one just call your OB and get antibitotics it gets rid of it FAST..

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