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I didn't have anything in my house, no pain meds, no nothing but I did have sum salt an warm water an rubbing alcohol. I tried hot salt water first it helped but didn't last. Then I place rubbing alcohol on a Q- tip an applied it to the affected Tooth an gums, imediet relief. So glad I found sumthing to help cause I was about to go to the ER, from hurting so bad

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If I cant make it to the ER and have sever tooth pain I use an old remedy passed down from generation to generation. First I get some salt, some pepper, and about a tsb of flour..mix it all together with 8 oz water and drink it. Then you stick your thumb up your ass for about 5 minutes. Next, suck that same thumb for another 5 minutes straight , fart twice then jiggle your balls for another minute. Works like a dream!


Grueling business trip. Red eye no sleep first day, couple hours second and tonight I finally had the night off. See the city I'm in? Drinks at the hotel lobby? Hell no. I was so damn excited to finally get rest. THEN CAME THE TOOTHACHE!!! 2 pain relievers...nothing. Half a xanex to try to pass out regardless of pain... Natta. Q-tip with rubbing alcohol? I have that available so why the hell not. Instant relief. Thank you sincerely. I still have 5 hours to sleep but I had to pause and say thanks.

S. Mitz

Thank you so much. I had one if the worst toothaches in my life . Used everything I had . Dentist office nit open for the weekend. Wanted to blow my head off. Got our the rubbing alcohol and done qtips immediate relief. I feel like you saved my life. Thank you so mhch.


You are my hero! I've have the absolute worst toothache for the last week, on a scale of one to ten it was definitely a 30. So bad that I haven't slept that well, and it has been effecting my job. Tried this just now, and worked right away. You have no idea how grateful I am for this post. Thank you so much.


I have severe toothache pain and I tried the alcohol remedie and no dice, didn't touch the pain at all and I took 2 50mg tramadol which is not working either. I am ready to go the er for something to stop it.My pain tolerance is very high except for the pain from a tooth.


It worked thank you!!


I have a broken molar and a bad cavity. Tonight the pain was crazy intense. I have never experienced such a severe pain involving my mouth and I have a high tolerance for pain. I tried so many pain meds and nothing even eased it. Thankfully I read your post to try rubbing alcohol and immediately I felt relief! Thank you so much for the info and for sharing it with others in the same situation suffering! Greatly appreciated!


Only thing that gave me the little relief that I needed!!!!

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