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im so glad i found this forum, surprising how alone and ashamed a virus can make u feel.
so hear is my storie im 23 wid a son who is 2 in 2 weeks n an 8 month old daughter who both mean the absolute world to me.
i was first diagnosed with GH in november 2010, i had never had an STI hadnt slept wid many people. i had trouble with yearly thrush infections from the age i lost my virginity at 17, but since having an outbreak the start is alot the same but never actually had an outbreak before orwbeenwdiagnosed so really hard in pinpointin wen the infection was caught. my first outbreak i had a very small outbreak with at the most 5 blisters some redness n abit of swelling. i war devastated to say the least i had never even heard of it and was quite discusted in myself. i was perscribed aciclovir 5 times a day for 5 days 2 days in i was back to normal completely. however i was told i was 6 weeks pregnant in december soi had my first initial outbreak whilst i was a couple weeks pregnant, only now i know how dangerous this is but it seems my body didnt allow a full outbreak to occur i was lucky enough to not get an outbreak through the rest of the pregnancy and my gorgeous baby boy was born naturally and completely healthy :).
i had no outbreak when he was born and stayed positive (and not knowing much about the infection blissfully unaware on what actually happens) when my son was 6 months i found out i was pregnant again but no breakout thank god. i carried her with no outbreaks and no complications n my little princess was born naturally n completely healthy :).
when my daugher was 3 weeks old i started to get sore abit swollen n put it down 2 irritation from the sanitary towel until that night, i tossed and turned and figited and itched and when i finally woke up and went the toilet i noticed red bumps and lots of them. as the day went on it got worse, i got aciclovar 10 days worth which did nothing it was so bad i just sat and cried. i was in so much pain i cudnt move sitting was extremely uncomfortable it was the worst pain i have ever felt, it lasted for 3 months continueous i was completely exhausted.
thankfully i have only had 1 outbreak since this and hope to keep it at bay so i can live n my life and enjoy my kids :).
a few things worked to help tea trea oil, keeping dry and clean and letting it breath and an amazin support system i have an amazing mum and amazing boyfriend and father of my kids who i would be lost without, i only got this far. also heard about a few vitamin supplements guna speak to my GP and see what she reccomends or any useful vitamins and pain relief ?? as i say a problem shared is a problem halfed :)

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praying help me so much theirs a chatroom with people who kno wat your going tho and will gladly answer your questions. Olive oil soap is good, vit e, vit b-complex, vit c, vit zinc I was takin lLysine otc but it wasn't wking so I started takin my valtex everdy to stop my recurring out break twice a month lasting a wk on lLyine. God bless


I also thought or did have a thrush or similar skin contraction for many years and never thought more about it, no doctor has ever told me to suspect this, a dermatologist one time simply looked at my problem and immediately gave me an rx that i used for many used to rub on affected areas, do not recall the name,, also, many years later, any many different testing later, no word,, still, until this weekend, i believe what I am experiencing and seeing is unquestionable,, but will get it confirmed asap,,

All the best,, W


Does the tea tree oil burn?

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