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Yea exactually, like da person below me mentioned garlic its rlly good, i had tooth nerve ech, at my last visit to the dentist, he asked me to do a treatment on my front tooth cuz he found somthin like a sore on the nerve.. it wasnt painin me at the time was all cool and i ignored that, now from no where da pain attacked me last night i was almost goin crazy i cud feel my heart beat on my tooth n my head was painin me all over.. i tried hot water it calmed me down just for a while then the pain came back, i forced my self to sleep so i can relief da pain n just now i woke up to find this page aft i been sufferin for the whole day Dx i tried ground garlic cut it, put salt on it n then put it on my tooth.. the garlic gunna burn ur gum but da pain rlly feels good xD i kept it for a while only then i removed it and now m sittin in front of the laptop typin this post n feelin so0o relieeeeeeeeef! i hope this can help u guys but m not sure it gunna work for evryone, cuz like some people mentioned salt can help, it actually help but it depends, cuz sometimes the pain adapts the thing u keep putin on again and again evrytime, so u have to find a new trick to cure it.

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For one, how do you even know this person is a united states citizen? You do know that we are not the only one privileged with the Internet right? You should rethink your priorities! You went politically full retard really quick on a health forum. And as an American I'm ashamed we have citizens as arrogant as you here.

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