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I have had psoriasis for the past 20years, and have tried countless treatments, both prescription and home remedies, with little to no relief. Lately, I have been eating a cereal that contains flax seeds every morning, and you wouldn't believe the difference! I won't claim that this is a wonder-remedy, because I still do have the plaques, but they have thinned out a lot, and are not nearly as red or painful as before.

You can find flax seeds in the health food section of many grocery stores, and can sprinkle them in yogurt or in your favorite cereal, or whatever other variation you can think of.

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Yes, I found Flax seed to help also. I also put flax seed in my cookies, and cakes.


What is flax seeds ? Where i will get it ?


flax seeds are available at most health food stores. Some larger grocery stores also carry flax seeds. The can spoil easy, so if you buy them keep them in the fridge, in a light tight and air tight container.


Flaxseeds are known as ALSI in Hindi, Gujarati, and Punjabi, Ali Vidai in Tamil. In Marathi, it is also known as jawas, alashi, and linseed. n Bengali, it is known as Tishi, in Oriya its Pesi. In Kannada, its called Agasi, and telugu people call it Avise ginzalu. Finally, in Kerala, the Malyalis call it Cheruchana vithu

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