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For a quick and simple remedy for BV read this!
So, a couple of weeks now I've had an awful smell coming from downstairs. I often got whiffs of the smell sitting in public and when I used the toilet, so I decided if was time to do some research, I went online and googled all my symptoms and BV came up. The symptoms of BV matched mine and I wanted to do something about it especially the smell as it was effecting my confidence and my love life. Anyway, I came on to this website and read all the home remidies but most of them were too much time and effort and they involved going to the shops and buying medicines or going to the doctor which was just too much hassle and embarrassing. I wanted a easy simple treatment which didn't involve going shops and getting fancy powders etc so I came across this one!! I hope it works for you as it worked for me within hours ..

1. GARLIC- this method was a bit complicated and made my room smell of garlic for hours but it seemed to work. Garlic has some sort of bacteria which kills all of bad bacterias so using garlic is effective and well.. Interesting!! Firstly slice a clove of garlic and grind it into a paste. I found that using a pestle and mortar done the trick. I also found that adding a little bit of water made the consistency great! Make sure there are no big lumps, when the consistancy is right you have to rub it all around and up your vagina (trust me it pays off) it may burn a little bit that's normal! Leave it on for a few minutes then wash if off.

2. YOGHURT- You've properly seen loads of posts about yoghurt and tampons! But it is a really useful and benificial way of balancing the levels of bad bacterias and good bacterias !! The garlic probably burnt off bad and good bacterias so you need to replace the good ones!! Get a yoghurt, quite frankly it doesn't matter what sort of yoghurt! Mix 2 tbs of yoghurt with a little bit of water so it's not lumpy. Then soak your tampon in the mixture for like a minute (this is the tricky part) when the tampon is soaked it gets bigger and soggy which makes it hard to insert but literally you have to shove if up there!! With the remaining yoghurt/water mixture just try and pour it over the already insterted tampon. Leave it in for about 2/3 minutes then take it out.

3. TEATREE- This is especially good for the smell!! I didn't have pure TEATREE but I had a teatree body wash. If you have pure Teatree you have to mix 2 tbs with water and if you have body wash the same method applys for both. You have to wash like you've never washed before ! Scrub IN and OUT then rinse.

4. TEABAGS- I'm not really sure what this method does but apparently if your vagina is itchy or sore this helps!! Put a Teabag into a cup of water, then put it into the freezer to freeze. After its frozen enough for you instert it into the vagina like a tampon. Leave for 5 minutes then remove and rinse.

5. YOGHURT ICECUBES- this method is great!! Basically get an ice cube tray and fill with yoghurt and a little bit of water and mix. Leave to freeze and when frozen (at night before bed) instert into vagina. If I was you.. I'd wear a sanitary towel as whatever goes in must come out !! In the morning , shower and wash!

I hope this information helped you as it has helped me.. I would advise taking vitamin D tablets aswel as they help. Good luck with these methods as I understand BV is annoying and really does effect your confidence! Stay positive and if nothing works for you I would suggest going doctors.

Beth x

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l would advise a unflavored unsweetet yogurt. I used a Greek yogurt.


GREAT ideas!!! This is good advice and has
worked for me!! I tried everything so I'm not sure which one did the trick but within 7 days it was long gone. (though I smelled like garlic for longer and could taste it in my throat when inserted in my vagina!) Amazing.Thanks.


What kind of tea tree body wash? Brand matter? How pure matter?


Do you have to do all of them or just one?


I'm glad these have worked for you! I used 'the body shop' tea tree body wash but any brand would do the job. And I think it would be best to try all methods


The type of yogurt does matter. Try a plain greek yogurt. The yogurt needs to contain lactobacillus


I'm sorry if this sounds stupid but are we using each method at the same time or are we allowed to just choose one and it will still work??


I've had TWO vaginal bacterial infections for the last 3 months and after 4 different rounds of antibotics and none helping I finally went the natural route. I'm soooo glad I found this site and so many options. out of all the things I read I figured the safest and most non invasive treatment was yougurt, since the good bacteria that's found in the vaginia is in yougurt.
I got plain natural yougurt and basically put in up there and all around just bascially cover everywhere down there before bed and slept and washed in the morning. First day i definitely noticed a difference and within 4 days I can say its almost gone I think. I'm kinda scared to say it is 100% gone becuase I've been dealing with this for so long, but I'm very happy with what this yougurt has done so far.
And not only was I having the common symptoms of a BV but it was also effecting my uninary tract. (classic uti'ish symptoms but no uti) and even that is about 90% better. So I'm hoping that a couple more 'treatments' and I'll be good as new.
I also have been taking Rephresh daily.
As far as how I got it up there? I tried the tampon thing. just way too hard. I then tried just taking the tampon out and filling the applicator and freezing it a little. But for me it just didn't work. It burns soooo bad lol. I just ended up buying a turkey baster. *shrugs* it works perfectly.
For any women trying these home remedies please be careful and try out the most non evasive treatment first. The thought of sticking garlic,boric acid ect ect in me was Glad I tried this one first and it worked.


Hi I've been dealing with this 4 yrs on & off.. I'm currently doing this remedy..first I put 1/2 water 1/2 hydrogen peroxide in a syringe 3x a day..then soaked a tampon in organic Greek yogurt.insert & keep inside overnight on 2nd night..then on 3rd day I put 1/2 water 1/2 tea tree oil in a spray bottle & sprayed everywhere..also filled syringe with mixture & inserted as a douche..repeat yogurt at night..may repeat if needed at this time I have no itching or discharge.. also taking 1200ic vitamin d pills a day..

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