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I used to have terrible acne and then I found this Mary Kay cream that I use every night and morning. You can't find it in stores, or in the magazines, but you can google search a Mary Kay dealer in your area and you can contact them and leave a check or money in your mailbox and they they will take the money and leave the Mary Kay. One tube costs about $7 and lasts me about a month or so. While it has not completely cured my acne, it has kept it to a minimum without pimples or breakouts. But as soon as I skip a night or two my acne goes out of control again and it's really hard to get it back under control.
Another thing that helped me was holding my breath, closing my eyes, and putting rubbing alcohol on my face. It may burn, but after you get used to it,it'll stop. I also suggest using a soft pillowcase at night so your face won't get irritated.

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I use rubbing alcohol and it works pretty good for me
Although I didn't have bad breakouts when I get them they are pretty bad but rubbing alcohol works pretty good. Also be sure not to inhale it…!!

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