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BV Survivor

I have suffered with BV on and off for the past 3 years. It seemed to come after having sex with my ex boyfriend (I literally felt like God was punishing me, lol). Anyways, this past July ('13)... I had the worse case ever. However, with this episode I had no itching. So, I was thinking omg, my ex gave me an STD. But, the smell and discharge was the same as my normal BV just seemed to be a stronger smell and thicker discharge. So, I like the rest of you googled natural cures, b/c obviously the antibiotics aren't CURING it and I tried some of the tips you ladies offered and they IMMEDIATELY worked for me.

For 1 week I took a Vitamin D 2000 IUD and the smell and discharged decreased significantly each day.

The week after that I started taking a Folic Acid tablet along with the Vitamin D3. And the discharge and smell has disappeared.

I also, prayed the symptoms away and I will never discredit God's ability to HEAL.

But for the non religious... Folic Acid and Vitamin D3 will get rid of the BV. I don't care what nobody says... it literally worked like magic. Save yourself the trip to the OBGYN and pharmacy and take some vit D!

Hope this helps somebody, it sure helped me. Us women go through so much... A fishy smell shouldn't have to be one of them! =)

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AMEN! :)


What is vitamin d 2000 UID?


I'm pretty sure she means IU, which stands for international unit. It refers to the size of the vitamin.


Hopefully you are still here to comment. But how long did you continue taking the folic acid and Vitamin D3? Also, how many mg and how often were you taking the D3 and folic?


Iv been praying but i need to do the physical wor. Can you buy these products at walmart or should i go to a GNC?


I have fought BV for 'years'. I met with my Dr for my annual physical a couple of weeks ago, sure enough another case of BV. She prescribed Flagyl,4 500 mg tablets all at once that day. Additional tablets should that one high dose not do the trick. She also recommended and supported these steps to keep BV at a distance. I have just recently started a daily regiment of Vitamin D3 - 5000 IU 2 times a day, Folic Acid 400 MCG, 2 times a day. I also take 250 mg of Magnesium 2 times a day for the horrible ongoing sweats I have throughout the day on into the night.She also shared with me what she uses to wash and keep fresh, to keep BV from coming back. She uses ivory dish some mixed with equal parts of distilled water. It does work, I've been using this soap mixture for 10 days now and its the best fix I have ever used. She stressed to not douche with anything not even water because it washes away the natural/good bacteria we need and messes with the ph balance in the vagina. So ladies I hope this helps.... Your feedback is welcome..Have an awesome day!!!!

Truly Grateful

One work - Luvena - you can pick it up over-the-counter in a pharmacy or drug store. It contains pre-biotics, lactobacillus, among other natural ingredients and is a natural lubricant. It really works and was only $15! I have struggled with BV for 2 years and countless visits to the Dr., ER, etc. I've tried other natural remedies and none of them helped although many of you have a point with using yogurt, but this is easier and pre-made with an applicator for insertion - a bit messy and would want to use it at night. By the next morning after the first use, the burning, itching, pain, smell, and discharge were gone! I have continued it with a little each night to insure that it is gone but no symptoms x 1 week. I thought I was destined to have it forever ... and the Dr.'s offices don't have a clue.

Truly Grateful

Another additional word from Truly Grateful - the reason that the oral antibiotic treatments do not seem to work is because the bacterial which normally causes BV is E-Coli and you must lyse it directly in order to kill it. This is likely why the vaginal course of Luvena worked and the oral meds didn't. I hope you are all able to overcome this awful and embarrassing problem - I almost forgot what it felt like to be normal and it feels fabulous! I cried when I found that something finally worked :)

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