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my toenails were so bad they ruined shoes, socks in no time at all.i was in constant pain. they were thick, curled & like horns. tried curanail, two treatments cost over £50 & didnt work. Eventually i tried soaking my feet in hot water & tea tree oil. when nails softened i cut & filed as much as possible away, dried them then liberally applied hydrogen peroxide. did this two or 3 times a week & now its gone after 3 months. hope this helps

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Hi... COuld it work betweeen my fingers skin?


I use Tea Tree Oil every other day for my nail and toe nail fungus. As a diabetic I've tried almost everything for this pest :o(( Tea Tree Oil is absolutely the best thing. It's also great for cuts and other kind of fungus. You can also use a solution of apple cider vinegar with epsom salts and baking soda (not baking powder) The fungus will disappear in about two or three months depending on how bad is the fungus. Good luck!

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