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I loved reading these posts. One of the many horrible things about panic disorder is that you can feel totally alone and abnormal.

I've suffered from panic disorder for a year and a half, I still get panic attacks but I don't fear them like I used to.

My first panic attack, I didn't know what was going on, so the panic spiraled and I lost my hearing and sight - almost blacked out. My heart pounded, sweaty hands and my mind was bombarded with negative thoughts such as 'I'm going to go insane/lose control, I'm going to die, I can't cope.'

If this is what happens to you, remind yourself that NONE of these are true.

Reassure yourself as if you were with someone else and it was that person who was suffering from the attack.

This is the type of thing I repeat to myself:

'Everything's going to be okay, I promise. This is perfectly normal. Something has switched your panic button, and now adrenalin is being released in your body. That's why you feel shaky and your heart is pounding. Adrenaline takes a while to metabolize, and that's why this is going on for a while. But don't worry, just breathe. Breathe. This is a perfectly normal bodily reaction, and no, it's not dangerous. You're okay. You won't go mad, it just feels like it at the moment. This will pass, you'll see. Hold tight. Just breathe. Breathe. Slow, shallow breaths.'

For every negative thought, counteract it:

'I can't cope.' - 'That's a lie, I can cope. In fact I'm coping so well right now, I can beat this. I am strong.'

'I'm going to die.' 'No I'm not. Panic isn't dangerous.' (I'm a Christian so I would add: 'Besides, for me to live is Christ and to die is gain. I let go and trust God, he loves me and he's in control even when I'm not.)

Fear feeds off negative thoughts. Don't give it any, they're not true anyway.

Don't think of it as fighting the anxiety, don't try and ignore it (that won't work!!). Accept what you're feeling and respond to it rather than react to it. Maybe even jump around and dance crazy to expend some of that adrenaline!!

I didn't do well on prescription drugs, they seemed to make it worse. Natural is the way to go I think anyway. The less foreign chemicals you put into your body the better, I say. If you combine some natural remedies such as herbal tablets and exercise with CBT techniques like the above, I think this is the best way to go if possible. (I understand that for some, it may be more drastic.)

If you can develop a habit of doing the above, you will be retraining your brain. Studies show it's possible to alter the way our brains work and are shaped. And that will make it stronger, wiser, better equipped and therefore more resilient to anxiety in the future.

My heartfelt love goes out to each and every one of you struggling with this. I will think of you next time a panic attack comes on! You are not alone.

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I have had really bad anxiety as well which then seemed to turn into panic disorder. I almost forgot how bad it was when I was younger but it came back when I quit smoking last month. I would like to know why there is this heart attack advertisement on this page when that is the last thing people want to see :* but anyways, its interesting to read other comments and can almost laugh at myself for how it seems while reading it and my young daughter laughing and I say well it looks funny reading it but the feeling of it is debilitating.
I had learned to control things pretty well over the years at least to avoid attacks but still have this disorienting feeling like my surroundings are surreal. Ive had some traumatic events occur and major changes and I think what the mind doesn't deal with or know how to, the body takes on its own effects. something that has prevented a panic attack when I feel it coming is.... I know it sounds dumb but it works. The song Survivor, by an R&B group called Destiny, I hear it in my mind and like Im singing it in my thoughts, it reroutes my mind in a powerful way as I focus on it so rather then living in the moment of panic fear and adrenaline, I deter that feeling of living off my emotions and move into logic while I ride out the physical elements. I know it is hard to change your diet but I think that and exercise and mainly reprogramming your mind is key. Sugars also increase this almost lethargic feeling. I always thought I am intuitive and know my body very well and if I notice any slight change it becomes the unknown so then I tend to want to control things as like a tool of prevention but when I go back to it, what I seen as a trigger, I usually overcome it.
The mind is a very powerful thing, keep your mind right and everything else will be fine. Studies show you can even heal yourself with your mind and also make yourself sick so keep that in mind.


I liked your comment. It hit the nail exactly on the head. GRACIAS


Thank you so much. I can breathe again after reading your advice!

Dr. Briashama Vindu

2ts sour cream, 1ts turmeric, 1ts honey, 2 drops lemon juice.

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