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Seriously just pack salt on tooth. i been using everything like orajel and hurricane. they help for a little bit. i went through hurricane and orajel in a week! the greatest thing is just keeping salt on it. Trust me, my pain was unbearable. Now its fine

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Helped me thanks. But only 20 - 30 minutes at a time.


Do you rinse the salt out??? I suffer with uncontrollable high blood pressure & retain water badly , but it feels like all my teeth are aching #pleasehelp


I have b awake the last hr with sever toothache nothing was taking the pain away. Then i c your comment and thought salt? Really. Was a bit thing about doing it but im glad i did caz with in seconds my toothache had gone. Thank you was going out of my mind with pain.

Gaz(lpool uk)

Been awake for the last two hours with severe toothache. Gotta say I wasn't looking forward to your cure but desperate times call for desperate measures.....

Packed salt on tooth and gum and almost instant relief... Will be able to catch some sleep finally! Roll on my visit to the dentist!!


go to a dentist


Salt water helps alot so does mouth rinse called peroxyl it helps alot

Anand Pusarla

my wife had severe tooth pain for last 2 months and only at evenings.....i did read this post and told my wife to have salted garlic which we just bought on the day..after having two garlic pieces....pain disapperaed like a flash....Wow...she got a big relief...happy sleep for her.....


simple and natural,it really works and everybody has salt.


Totally helps tremendously!


worked took about a min but it did help

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