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If you are feeling depressed try not to distance yourself from friends and family. It feels like the world is against you, but if you stay close to the ones who love you, they can keep you focused. Depression cannot be fought alone. Everyone needs someone to stand by them. If that is not possible, use your faith (whatever that may be) to guide you.

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except i am depressed precisely because i have no loved ones, not in a oh-no-one loves me sort of way but really...anyway, i have superficial friends but no one really wants to be around a sad person and listen to how they are feeling, everyone has their life and work, its noe anyone's fault that's just how the world is today!!!


A lot of people I know, whom have depression and don't have family to support them, either because the family has passed or they are insupportive of the condition...

these people usually turn to religion, whatever preference that is their own. Whether it's Cristian, Catholic, Wiccan...

Religion can be a great thing for people with depression.

I know...I live it every day...


after 2 yrs. of depression no one wants to help you.they don`t understand why you can`t get anything
done or get out of bed.they think your just lazzy.

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