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Hey u guys....this morning at 3:07am I began to have an absolute terrible toothache.. it was so bad that I couldn't do anything but cry!... I came to this sight and discovered that everyone was talking about using garlic to get rid of the pain.... did I try it???? No! Y??? I didn't have any! The pain was terrible. I had to come up with sumthin ...quick! So I got a cotton ball... broke a small portion of it...wet it with warm water... and stuffed it into the opening where the nerve was exposed ..and immediately the pain was gone! Now I'm laying here watching Friday until I fall asleep... cotton works!

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Cherie M.

Okay, I gotta say that I didn't believe for one second that this was true. I've been suffering all day from unbelievable tooth and jaw pain. Out of sheer desperation to stop the pain and after trying numerous different pain pills, I tried the cotton ball trick. I used regular table salt and warm water. Using the end of a q-tip to position the salt soaked piece of cotton ball in the opening of my infected tooth. Bam! In an instant complete relief of my pain. I'm still in disbelief. THIS ACTUALLY WORKS. Don't take my word for it, if your reading this your probably in pain looking for a solution. What do you have to lose, besides your pain???? Go figure...

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