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I'm 24 and a diabetic on an insulin pump, and just a few months ago found out I have herpes simplex 2, it's the worst thing you could ever go thru, the pain is unbearable even with pain meds, I have tried everything I could and still have yet to find something that actually works. A hot bath is bout the only thing that helps but once I dry off I'm miserable again. All the symptoms drive me absolutely crazy, the itching n tingling n burning omg. I take acyclovir and am on tylonol 3 and even take ultram 50mg, still no relief. I tried baking soda paste and never again will I do that it burned so bad I screamed. I'm to scared to try again, I don't handle pain very well and do not want to make it worse... I just wanted to share my story, it is embarrassing and makes life harder specially relationships, but I'm not alone in this battle and neaither are you. It's hard to deal with but eventually the symptoms go away. I wish u all the best and a speedy recovery.

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Witchazel soothes soreness and itching nyal cold sore cream soothes and heals aclavyr cream to minimise duration of bouts you can live with herpes quite comfortably using this method


To reduce itch,get calamine lotion. Pour it into a container and let it stand to evaporate and thicken. This may be more effective for guys when applied onto the penis or scrotum. Fan to dry. This will prevent spreading and greatly minimize itch. Ladies please try and give your feedback. Also apply abreva and cover outbreaks with band aid. Make sure you apply calamine lotion before applying band aid. For me, The band aid prevents spreading.

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