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I just spent the last month trying every single one of the remedies listed on here. Nothing. And the douching with hydrogen peroxide and water set my vagina on fire so it was time for a doctor visit. Have been on the flaygl medicine for 3 days and my symptoms are virtually gone finally. Save yourselves some time and just go to a doctor.

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Going to the Dr. is good but what if it comes back. I have been to the Dr. countless times only to have it come back. Have you tried tea tree oil soaked tampon, that is the only thing that kept me odor free.

Kathy Costello

I've been on Flagly 3 times and the Metrogel 3 times. It has come back. None of us here are stupid and avoided going to the doctor, almost all of us have, but we are frustrated that the BV keeps coming back.


You really think women haven't gone to the doctor FIRST? SMH Sometimes a doctor's orders are just not enough.


I went to the doctor, and say that it is a presentage that it will come back, but DNT always trust the doctors, I been having this problem for years and at first I was diagnose wit genital warts, got it treat it and it came back, now they come out wit Bacterial vaginosis. I will truly recommend a healthy diet.


Flagyl does not work to permanently cure BV it will reoccur. The only thing I have found to work for the odor is a tree oil and plain yogurt dipped tampon. Note that only gets rid of the odor. The best way to cure BV is to find the source. What is it that's causing the BV. I have an IUD, which I have had for 8 years with no issues. For the last year I've been fighting BV and completely confused as to what was causing it. Come to find out it is my Paraguard IUD, so I'm having it removed. Even though the BV was initially caused by my IUD any thing that changes my PH balance triggers a reoccurrence. I have simply taken a bath and the symptoms increased because the ph of water is 7 and my vagina should be PH4. It's hard to get rid of because its an aggressive bacteria in a sensitive area.


The medicine will and should work...that is why it is prescribed. The issue is that bv tends to be a recurring problem; also, the medication ceases to work. When I became proactive with bv I realized I only got it after having sex with an uncircumcised penis. Since this understanding I have had my partner wear a condom. That has stopped the bv from raging out of control. The hydrogen peroxide should not have burned. Most likely you were still raw from an activity. I have found the 50:50 solution of hydrogen peroxide to spring water is the only remedy that I needed. Thank God for this forum and the suggestions! I never would have known what to do.


Ok for any1 who thinks a woman hasnt been to the doc bout their bv must think were idiots however we are not i have been on flagyl every 2 weeks for 3 months n it hasn't worked at all the symptoms just seem to be gettin worse n the antibiotics no longer have any effect i started takin the represh capsules bout 4 days ago n i started 1000iu vitamin d3 as well as kefir yogurt 2 day the idea of inserting any of this in my vajayjay makes me uncomfortable therefore im doin everything orally my mother is a nurse n she said the antibiotics have ruined my immune system cause it killed all my GOOD bacteria so im takin the probiotic route as my mother recommended i plan on buying the acidiphillus 2morrow n start it as well i have no odor n the discharge has decreased some since i chose to take this route im hesitant bout the perixide water douche but i have it just in case plus i also bought vagisil ph wash n plan on only using it on my whoha from now on ill keep y'all posted n let y'all know how this method works for me


I am wondering how long the peroxide takes to work??? I have used it about 3-4 times and have been taking a probiotic for 3 days... While other symptoms faded I still have this odor. I cannot afford to go the doctor and the only other time I had BV (3-4 years ago) that's what I did. Anyone have any insight?
Also, I am comforted by the comment a couple above mine, my fiancée is uncircumcised and unfortunately that appears to be the cause of mine... Guess I am going to suggest condoms but hard to imagine marriage with that... Sigh. Anyways any help is appreciated it is appalling and it is definitely effecting our sex life. I am so down about it


Dear Ms whose marriage life is suffering from BV,

Men can carry BV with no symptoms so he needs to be treated too. I don't think his uncircumsized penis is the problem, as long as he showers and cleans himself (be careful of what kind of soap he uses. Stuff like Irish Spring is terrible for our vaginas). I'm not sure how home remedies work for men but my Dr gave me a prescription for me and him for the antibiotics. It seems like the antibiotics don't work for a lot of women. They did work for me, but it's only been a couple of days.

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