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I work for the forest preserve and was hauling brush with a ton of poison ivy in it. I was wearing short sleeves and knew I would get some sort of rash, but always thought that it didn't affect me much.

Well it got me real good on my forearms and mid section. It does take 2 full days to kick in, and then once it does my arms blistered and pussed so bad I was really grossed out and did not feel right. I tried cures like rubbing limes and then using alcohol. All that did was burn, but I can vouch for actually curing it is...
baking soda paste. It gets inside the reaction and dries it up. Calamine kind of dries but doesn't cure it.

So make a baking soda paste and work it in, and I'm not going to lie it does burn and will burn for a long time. (make sure to keep it on for at least a couple hours wrapped up or in long sleeves.

Also wherever you do have poison Ivy remember to not expose the skin to things like your couch or animals because it is very easy to get infected

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