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Abreva works wonders for me, but I've been putting a little bit on nightly. I know it's pricey but go to BJs or Sams Club and just use a little before bed, but do it nightly! Also, I used to eat pistachios, and as soon as I cut them completely out of my diet, I haven't gotten a fever blister(5 months so far). Also, it sounds silly but as soon as one appears, put some abreva on and sit down and relax for a half hour and focus on something else(watch tv) my blister disappears everytime

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Oh my goodness! I just started eating pistachios last week and I am addicted. I've eaten 3 bags. I haven't had a fever blister in 10 years and all of a sudden I got this huge one yesterday! I guess pistachios are now off my diet:-/

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