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I had my first GH outbreak nearly 3 weeks ago, being with a regular partner for 8 months who was clean I had no idea what it was. I unfortunately got wrongly diagnosed at the doctors, and by thinking I was treating something different, managed to spread the sores around my vagina. Knowing something was definitely not right, I went back to the doctor who then told me it was herpes. Like everybody else has said, I was devastated. That was 2 weeks ago, I got prescribed antiviral tablets & did some research. Salt baths, zinc supplements, vitamin E 200i.u & my antivirals seems to work a treat, and within 5 days I was down to just one sore which new skin was healing over. Woken up this morning to discover I'm on the verge of another outbreak - and due to go on holiday tomorrow with friends.
I've read of bee propolis but being from England, I'm finding it difficult to buy from anywhere, does anyone have any suggestions, or any other good remedies that are readily available?

After 3 weeks or so, I have nearly come to terms with it. I have told my parents, as I didn't want the stress of hiding it from them being 18 & livinf at home, my partner & 2 close friends. Talking about has helped, A LOT. It doesn't seem scary anymore, just annoying at the minute that I'm ill again! Some great posts on here that have given me more advice & like I said just wondered if anyone from England knows of any shops or sites I can get things off?!
Many thanks!

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If you have had the same partner for eight months and got infected recently, you need to talk to your partner. This just doesn't come out of the got this from him. Sorry to sound so harsh, but it happened to me.


Hello, Im in a 10 year relationship, 5 years into it I got the symptoms for genital herpes, Im faithful, I dont know how I got this but it appears my partner was and still is free of it. I went the STD clinic they also spread it by touching, very unprofessional of them, they didn't diagnose it and didn't bother to take my blood or samples from the lesion they wanted me to come back while it was fresh to take samples? I found that 100% pure good quality tea tree oil (from the actual plant and with no other ingredients added) helps wonders for me, as soon as I get the symptoms I apply neat oil to the area a couple of times a day with cotton wool, it stings but I would rather go through the stinging than the awful pain for a days on end. If Im late catching the outbreak and it managers to blister I use a warm socked cotton pad corner and tea tree oil, I bust the sores and apply holding it there for at least 1 minute, the sting is the natural antiseptics working. I also avoid too much sugar, aspartame (watch it has many names) preservatives and enumbers....


I actually stopped it from coming back, do a search on Zeolite It's been over a year and still no out breaks, best of luck

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