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Kathy Costello


My doctor suggested I start using the IUD last fall. I was always someone who was sensitive to yeast infections but a month after the IUD was inserted, I got my first BV infection. It happened several more times (3 BV and 4 yeast infections) so in March I had the IUD taken out. It's now the end of July and I am still getting BV infections. I'm going crazy.

I have recently decided to go the homeopathic route and am working with someone in that field who has gotten me started taking Oil or Oregano, Garlic capsules and three other herbal capsules. I hope and pray this works.

I may also decide to try getting a V-steam (chai-yok) which is a Korean vaginal steam available in my area (Los Angeles).

I will post again if anything works. Please send your positive vajayjay vibes my way - I'll be sending them to all of you.

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Did u try the tablets the other girl suggested farther down on the page Acidophilis pills and folic acid pills or somethin like that?


What are the other herbal capsules you are taking?

Kathy Costello

I am now taking Garlic tablets (4 a day)
NeroHCIplus (4 a day)
Oil of Oregano (3 drops 3x a day mixed with 2 oz water)
B100 (2 x a day
HCIplus (2 pills 3x a day
One probotic a day and
one D3 a day

Also, my boyfriend and I started using condoms again and I wash my vagina with only waters.

I started this on the 31st of July and it's August 11th and I'm still doing great. My boyfriend said no more fishy smell and I feel a lot better



Neuro5 HTP plus

HCL plus.

Sorry :)


Would love to know if the it'd was the Mirena. Please let me know.....feel like it started the past five years of hell. Thanks.

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