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I'm 18 years old & just a couple days ago I was diagnosed with Genital Herpes. At first I thought the pain was just from trying anal for my first time... until I started noticing sores & the pain getting worse. As embarrassed as I was I went to the doctor & got checked out. As soon as they told me I lost it & cried. I felt like the nastiest person on earth. I'm not the kind of person to sleep around & I'm not sure where I got it from because I haven't had unprotected sex in over a year & a half after being raped... just last night I went & talked to mu boyfriend about it but feared so much that he would be mad. Surprisingly he was very supportive. We're not sure if he has it yet, but if he does he won't hold it against me. This forum has made me feel so much better about myself.
This is my first outbreak & it is so painful. I haven't been prescribed any medication yet, but tried to tea tree oil & found it helps a lot. But I'm wondering if fatigue is a normal thing during an outbreak. The last couple days I have been sleeping so much & once I'm up I go back to sleep after 1-3 hours.
If things don't work out with my current boyfriend how do I bring up to future 'partners' that I have GH? How do I tell my parents without them being disappointed in me? I haven't told anyone other than my boyfriend & even that was hard to get the courage to do. Only a couple people know about me getting raped & I'm not for certain 100% that that's where I came from. Just a theory.

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Alana M

it is really hard to tell your parents, thank god my mom is nosy as hell and she found my prescription bottle. but once i told her, she became very supportive. you're lucky that your boyfriend was okay with it, because I'm pretty sure that i got it from my bf and he flipped out on me when i told him. He is probably just an asymptomatic carrier... most people are,


Sounds like you have a few challenges,,,did you get the sores on /inside, near the anus, if so, I guess it can get anywhere... glad to hear the boyfriend's reaction. The parent thing I guess is up in the air, coin toss at your age, usually the mom is best to talk with,,, have you dealt with the whole rape thing,, was it a family member or close relative, which is usually the case,, if so, that can make it really difficult to talk with the parents, but i suspect if you are trying anal then you are more comfortable with sex after that incident,, and just continue to move forward as best you can each day,,, All the very best,,,


I am a 45 year old female and just found out I have genital herpes. I could not believe it. I cried my eyes out. The only person I was ever with was my ex husband. It really sucks. I told my mom and she is very supportive. I just got my second round of this crap and it is not as bad as the first time.I am trying home remedies this time. Some work some dont. Good luck to you. It will be ok. Dont let it take over your life. Be strong.


If you just tried anal for the first time and then suddenly broke out with GH in that very same place, there is a VERY good chance your boyfriend is the one who gave it to you... so he better be way more than just 'supportive' when his test comes back positive. I'm not saying this is definitely what happened but people are not always honest. I know two people who's ex husbands gave them GH and tried to blame them when symptoms surfaced. My ex boyfriend of 6 yrs came clean with me AFTER I dumped him... these are not the actions of good, honest people. Just keep all this in mind and ask questions about his past sexual experiences, maybe he needs to make some phone calls to ex lovers to find out where he (possibly) contracted it. Don't just take the blame right off the bat when there is a very good possibility yo didn't infect him. Just my two cents. Good luck.


Hello, im 19 and I was diagnosed with GH yesterday. I know itd hard tobe this young and feeling like ur completly F***'d in life. But itd Fine, stay possitive. And We're all here for eachother.

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