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Apply a cloth soaked in comfrey or mullein tea directly to the affected area. Repeat often.

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Best bursitis remedy is castor oil, it works in 12h 3 applications and pain disappears totally , that was my experience, any details contact me


Roxana, please tell me exactly what you did. I have Bursitis so bad in my hip. It keeps me up long hours. The steroid shots make me feel awful. I just need something that works.


dark spots on my body?okey so i've been facing this preblom for about a year or so i'm kind of white but my knees and the back of my elbows and armpits are like a darker shadow i mean it's really embarrassing to were tank tops and shorts . what can i do to get rid of the dark spots????i tried everything and i really mean everything to get rid of the dark spots i tried lemon juice it just burns i always tried many kinds of creams and chemical kind of stuff but they just make them whiter for a month than they go back as they were and even darker helpthanx

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