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I have it all over my hands and half of my face. The hands itched the worst and were driving me crazy. I tried alcohol, vinegar, baking soda, sea salt, Ivy Dry, Tecnu, lemon juice, Clorox, Cortisone 10, lava soap, peroxide, etc. Nothing would relieve the intense itch that drives you crazy. Holding onto an ice pack has been the only thing to keep the itch at bay. Hot water made the itch worse. I'm also using peppermint oil on my hands to help with the itch. I did go to the doctor and got a shot of cortisone and pred pills yesterday. He didn't want to give me the shot but I insisted. My face is better today. I found none of the over the counter products stop the itch. I didn't try the expensive one that begins with Z (Zantel?) because the pharmacist said it wouldn't help after the fact. I didn't want to waste more money on useless products. The intense itch is pure torture. I'm going to try the rhubarb idea next.

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Zanfel is the soap treatment you are thinking of.


Try toothpaste (white not gel) it stings at first but takes away itch in my experience. I use it before bed


After trying Zanfel and bleach, I tried the rhubarb. Those old wives knew what they were talking about! Overnight my itching has lessened, there are no new blisters and it appears to be drying! I've never had any sensitivity to poison ivy in my life but I DO have contact dermatitis from myriad things. I was pleasantly surprised!

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