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I walk every day with my dogs, and I find dusting sulfur from an old sock, is the best to avoid bites.
But if you forget, like I do, the fast stop itching relief, Is VETERICYN, for animals, it does come in Human, but more expensive and still the same suff. This is a skin Ph balancer. When it dries, one can put other ointments on over. I use this for all minor cuts, even safe for eyes! Try it you will be sold!

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Andie Ross

Hi. I have read every comment on the chigger home treatments. I noticed 2 outstanding features. 1. many think that chiggers go on living under your skin. They do not. 2. the most mentioned treatment for the bites is mint mouthwash.
I live in Arkansas wooded area and am no stranger to chigger bites. I would like to direct your attention to for your information. I use it and it is a fantastic preventative. I also use tea tree oil as a treatment. What a combo.


Baking soda baths help neutralize the sting of them as well. I took 4 tbsp baking soda and 4 tbsp cornstarch and
whisked it into coconut oil (in its liquid state- warm) , then put it in fridge a while to turn solid. Rub that on
bites and it works! great relief... i later added a drop of tea tree oil == even better!!!


Vetericyn really does work great!!!


I have the animal Vetericyn on hand. So I sprayed my outside cat with it, cause he maybe the problem. I'll use it on myself too

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