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I had regular severe migraines from age 23 to age 43 and they got much worse as I got older. The answer lay in fixing my TMJ problem. You can read all about TemperoMandibular Jaw dysfunction on the internet. There's heaps around about it. An oral surgeon arranged a dentist to create a mouth plate to correct the jaw alignment and it was an instant cure. Only wore the plate for about 6 months and never needed it again. It truly worked for me and it may work for you too. A

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That is so weird that you said that your migranes were caused by your TMJ problem. I've just recently started to get migranes and along with those starting i've had a lot of problems with my jaw popping and locking and i never put two and two together. I'm so glad i read that.


I also have TMJ and Migraines... I also never made the connection! They told me the TMJ may require several surgeries that may not be effective so I guess I'm stuck :(


Sarah, a chiropractor may be able to help your TMJ. I go to a NUCCA chiropractor, but I know of many people that have found relief through the standard chiropractic route. Hope this helps!

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