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simply use your tooth brush and rub it against thee chapped parts of your lips then rinse it of and apply Vaseline. I SWEAR it works!!!!!

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Have you tryed baby oil i just put it on so i will let you know ic it works i hope so not one person mentioned it.


Yesterday I had very red lips from them being chapped. It looked as if I had lipstick on and I am a male. I put on vaseline on my lips a couple times and my lips didn't change. I took your advice and rubbed the toothpaste on and now my lips aren't as red, but they feel worse and they are bleeding horribly.


They didn't say to put toothpaste on your lips! They said rub your TOOTHBRUSH on your lips...:/


Lmao some people need to read


Fucking dummy he said toothbrush


wow all that stuff is not good for ur hair especially not huytins an old tradition my parents have been using for a while and it really works try yougurt so afte you shampoo ur hair wash it with some yougurts and then condiotion but not too mucha lso dont wash ur haur with such hot water

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