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Bobby Jones

Dab a Q-Tip in your favorite alcohol or whiskey, then apply to the painful area until the pain subsides.

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This worked for a total of like 10 minutes..if that. So I am just going to drink the rest of the bottle and deal with the pain again when I sober up.


you should just take a shot or two or three


after you dab the qtip in a shot of brandy drink it.

Peter Griffin

drink until you cant feel feelings anymore -peter griffin from family guy


Dont do this...... this is what helped bring the pain on worse!!

this works

mix up some orajel + bc powder+ a littel pinch of salt. only use 3 or 4 drops of orajel to mix. rub on and around tooth and gums.if tooth has crack or hole ball up mixand fill it. this realy works well.

Eric Wells

okay, i have a root canal thats messed up because of my chink dentist, in im in A HELL OF A LOT OF PAIN! i could punch a judge, but try this it worsk for me and makes the pain manageable.


yea i knno its weird but take a double shot of vodka then use a q tip, and dip the q tip in the vodka every 2 to 3 mins and Hold it to the exact stop where the pain is and give it 3 mins and you'll be fine, you'll be drunk or buzzed but this shit works trust me.

i wouldnt put my real name down if it didnt work for me.


this gave mw almost a instant ease. however it was not enough till i put a little bit of the extract into my mouth and swishes it aroiund for about a minute or so, then i felt a better effect.

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