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Bobby Jones

Dab a Q-Tip in your favorite alcohol or whiskey, then apply to the painful area until the pain subsides.

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i tried this and it only helped for a short period of time very short i will try about anything rite now


i was picked up from school one day cuz of my tooth ache and i got home and i was lying on the couch crying and my mom didnt know what to do and my dad was at work so we lived next to a doctor and she gave us whiskey and i put it in my mouth and it numbed it instanly..then i went to the dentist and im better now but it helped me so much!!!


yes this worked..thank you so much..i have been up for 2 days with so much pain..this is great...


I have the worse rotten tooth iv ever seen on a human . I was in so much pain i take oxycodone 80 mg for my back , and that was a joke for the tooth ace . pain was a 11 out of 10 . I was desperate i would rather lose a leg then have the pain im in . I took a mouth full of brandy after reading this post and so far so good instant releif , and it is the most rotten tooth on planet earth works %100


This immediately made my tooth so fucking worse! Goddamnit!


it's worked but not for long, i will try a mouth full and see how it goes...


not a good idea.


This makes it soooooooooo much worse!! I had a toothache, and my husband gave me some 'home-made whiskey' also known as burned like HELL and made the pain 100 times worse! Don't try this unless you like pain!!!!!


jack daniels only helped for a minute. after 2 days of the worst pain i have EVER had and 1/2 bottle of Aleve, aspirin, lortab, darvocet, advil, salt water, peroxide, ice, heat, cloves, finger massage...nothing helps...i'm going to DRINK the jack daniels now


get drunk off tequila will help but as soon as u start sobering up u will get the pain back

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