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I've gotten bad canker sores since I was three and now I'm 23. They're terrible and I get them at least once a month, if not more. There's never been an obvious cause - maybe I have a weak immune system. But I've recently found a quick solution that works for me. I've tried the pickles/baking soda/salt water/salt paste/etc. nothing worked. They relieve the pain for a bit but never made the canker sore itself disappear. So I wanted to find/experiment with something that would make the sore disappear. I looked in the fridge and saw the perfect solution: wasabi! Wasabi is specifically used to kill bacteria. I tried to do a little research before I experimented with my mouth (in case it would get worse) and I found that one dentist brushes his teeth with toothpaste and wasabi everyday and hasn't had any canker sores in 10 years. That was good enough for me.
When I applied it, it did burn but after the 10 second pain, I felt immediately better. I applied it three more times that day and then the next morning it was gone. It basically kills sore off, which is amazing.

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Sometimes canker sores are caused by your salt consumption! So sometimes the salt doesn't work because the salt caused it in the first place


sounds interesting will have to try this . I have found that onion placed directly on the canker sores also helps.I do know one thing Iam 62 and I dont get them often but when I do they HURT. They are caused from to much acid in your system.


I get canker sores frequently, and a doctor explained to me (after a lot of tests), that I have an overactive immune system not a weak one at all. So far, no bacteria has been linked to canker sores, and they are thought to be an immune system dysfunction. So I highly doubt that this treatment works. Any perceived positive effect from this treatment could easily be explained away as the placebo effect.


Nobody hear is a dr it's just a home remedy works for some not for all. Don't knock it till you rock it. Placibo or not it works for me as well.

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