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Here is a cool, and I mean COOL, way to insert yogurt (always plain greek style yogurt, no sugar, no Danon or Yoplait) to help combat the dreaded YI. Take a disposable exam glove which you can pick up at any drug store, from the wrist opening roll the glove down to the finger openings. Take a spoon and fill the fingers of the glove with the yogurt. Put it in the freezer, wait a few hours, remove from the freezer and you'll see you now have 5 perfectly formed suppositories. Peel the glove off the now solid finger shaped suppository and insert gently into vagina. Ahhhh relief. Freezing them not only helps to hold the shape for easier insertion but soothes the burning/itching. Be sure to use a pads or pantyliners as the heat from your inflamed vagina will quickly melt the yogurt.

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I hadn't thought to freeze! What a fabulous idea. I usually just insert it from the fridge. I'm sooo trying this next time! Thank you for the advice.

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