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I woke up this morning about 3 am. Felt mild itching. Figured it was because my bf and I had sex last night. Had sex again lol and it was worse. I took a bath and it didn't help. Thought oh crap I have been on amox from a tooth infection. So I knew right away what it was a yi :(. I found this site and read about 10 pages of remedies. I live literally across the street from a 24 hour walgreens (thank god!!) Walked over there to get some garlic capsules and inserted 3 I also made a mimixture of melaluca oil (4drops as I'm running low) lavender oil (6 drops) vinegar (1 tbsp approx) salt and 1tbsp water. Dipped in a cotton ball and wiped the area. I feel a bit better. I also took 3garlic capsules. Hopefully this helps. I just bagan some mild cramping but my period may be coming and I have ibs so I know that may be my issue there. Good luck ladies!!!

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