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Bugs have had a love affair with me for years. The best thing that has worked for me I only discovered last year. It made sense to me. I use Off or Cutter or some other insect repellant AFTER the bite. The little stinkers are buried in your skin. I have found that if you continually dab insect repellant on them, they will die inside and then stop their burrowing/itch causing behavior. After that the bump will simply settle down and go away. I re-apply whenever the itch starts up again which is usually a few times a day, as opposed to every fifteen minutes with other cures. They always seem to 'go to sleep' for a while, then I dab them again. They won't live for long under constant attack from this poison.

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Forestry Agent

The mite larvae do not live in your skin. As soon as you scratch, you remove them from the surface. What causes the itching is the skin reacting to the little 'straw' that is created by enzymes they inject when they bite. Try Camphophenique. Smells better than bug spray.

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