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Garlic will KILL your animal!
Can dogs eat garlic? NO, DOGS CANNOT EAT GARLIC UNLESS THE OWNER KNOWS TO ADMINSTER THE PROPER AMOUNT ACCURATELY. We know how difficult it can be to have your dog running around the kitchen while cooking, eating at the dinner table, and so on. What happens when your pup gulps down some of your delicious dinner and you don’t know if it is safe? Garlic is in a lot of food, and luckily it is not dangerous in small doses. However, Large amounts can cause problems. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, ASPCA, say close members of the onion family (shallots, onions, garlic, scallions, etc.) contain compounds that can damage dogs’ red blood cells if ingested in sufficient quantities. A rule of thumb is “the stronger it is, the more toxic it is.” Garlic tends to be more toxic than onions, on an ounce-for-ounce basis. It contains sulfoxides and disulfides that can damage red blood cells and cause anemia in dogs. While it’s uncommon for dogs to eat enough raw onions and garlic to cause serious problems, exposure to concentrated forms of onion or garlic, such as dehydrated onions, onion soup mix or garlic powder, may put dogs at risk of toxicosis. The damage to the red blood cells caused by onions and garlic generally doesn’t become apparent until three to five days after a dog eats these vegetables. Affected dogs may seem weak or reluctant to move, or they may appear to tire easily after mild exercise. Their urine may be orange-tinged to dark red in color. A veterinarian should examine these dogs immediately. In severe cases, blood transfusions may be needed and there might be permanent liver damage.

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Dianne Robson W.A.

Hi i have a Jack Russell X the fleas were terrible ive been looking at all remidies.,I dont have any cash on me at the moment so thought i would use my. Earth Choice lemon all natural ...Ran warm water in laundry sink and added washing detergent Earth Choice about three squit. Into water put puppy in water and then lathered her fleas didnt like that there all dead yayyyyyy....




no garlic... ??? ummm i have given both my dogs grlic, a boxer and a chicuhua. and they are fine.I had no clue that it could kill a dog. I had a older woman tell me to use it for flea control. And the dogs love to eat it. Like i said my dogs are fine. Still have fleas but other than that they are fine.


Get a clue garlic and onion are NOT in the same family, garlic is safe and actually us great for their digestive track and their coat, onion on the other hand is highly toxic, try talking to a vet IEEE studying the table food diet for dogs... My girls get real meals cooked just for them in addition to their dog food :) and I put quite a bit of time into making sure the stew I make them is safe and healthy for them... Btw ginger is ALSO AWESOME for a dog :)


Hi, I have heard many diffent things. Just saying that we have fed our dogs Garlic for longer than I am alive. None have ever had any reaction. In fact, I had a Great Dane that would eat the whole clove if left in her range. I did have a lab/chow mix that did not like the fresh, so I powdered her food. I am not a vet, nutritionalist or claim to have any knowledge... just know probably 25 or more dogs who eat/ate it and have never had issue. And it DOES keep fleas away.


They make Garlic pills for dogs. It is an all natural remedy and safer then the chemicals you buy from the vet.


Garlic can be found in commercial dry kibble and treats and supplements. Do your research on garlic before jumping to conclusions. If you drink too much water that can kill you. The studies that were performed gave dogs EXCESSIVE amounts of garlic with each meal. Anyone eating that much garlic would have issues.


It's really unfortunate that people who can articulate well often have some of the worst kinds of advice They look knowledgeable because of their writing ability but the information they're giving is completely inaccurate. This is extremely true in this case. PLEASE do not be alarmed by this user's post. Garlic has never been found to be dangerous to a dog when consumed naturally by the animal. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Dogs, like many other animals, have an innate sense of what's dangerous to them and they'll often refuse to eat things that end up being harmful. Most dogs eat garlic flavored or garlic enhanced foods without hesitation. Garlic has been used in home remedies for pets and humans alike, for thousands of years, by nearly every culture in the world. It is still found in MANY well respected medicines, foods and treats for dogs. Garlic has great benefits for your animals and they'll often choose garlic flavored treats over other flavors, which means they obviously enjoy the flavor. Please, please, please...before posting things like this on internet, do your homework! Don't alarm people and scare them and provide false information.


Most everything can be harmful in excess. I read a study that contained extreme dosing, approx 1 whole bulb of garlic a day and yes it created health issues in fact of low red blood cell counts. For people that believe more is better yes you can do harm with a person or an animal high doses of even water can cause harm.
Moderation in garlic has been shown in most cases to be helpful. Like all other things nothing works for every case and on occasion there can be allergies and intolerances use common sense and discuss with your vet just as you would with any remedy used on a child.


Garlic does NOT kill dogs!!! But it's used to remove worms not fleas, 3 dogs one is 13, 8 & 5 they are all alive & fine :-) one of the oldest remedies works like a charm

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