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I have suffered from migraines since I was 15 I am now 35. I have pinpointed many triggers. Chocolate, too much or too little caffeine, aged cheese, nicotine (I quite smoking almost a year ago) alcohol (quit 10 years ago) fluorescent lights, bright lights of any kind, flashing lights caused by video games, lack of sleep, not sleeping with c-pap on. I have been working with neurologist, Neurosurgeon, and pain management psychologist for 6 years now. I do have a neurological condition called pseudo tumor cerebri but I also have secondary condition of chronic migraines. I've prayed before every surgery (13 so far) that it would cure my migraines no luck. I am at the point of desperation now. I am now on permanent disability and my quality of life is miserable. I have tried Burberry (waste of money) vitamin b, many non narcotic pain killers imitrex etc. After reading advice on this site I will try natural oils and head bands. Oh and the weather seriously affects them.. I live in northern California and its not conducive weather for migraines. Dry weather such as Arizona makes me feel like a human being again. I can actually get out of bed. I'm so desperate that I am in a new pain program being assessed for a pain pump. Honestly I hope I'm approved. I'm desperate for relief. I do a lot of meditation in the least it sloths my mind.

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gaby lopez laredo, tx.

I will pray for you. I know your desperation. You will be cured.


The Today Show a while back had 'Optical nerve block' Doctor out in Michigan, doing injections into the optic nerve in the back of the neck. I think if you google Today show, migraine block you might see a video. Claimed it was a last resort.
Just a thought.

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