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I broke my wisdom teeth a while back but I can't afford the surgery to get them removed. After I had my son, I noticed the wisdom teeth started chipping more. Pain gets intense!! I finally found a remedy that helped me & I hope it will help someone else!
1. Brush teeth & floss (even the broken/chipped teeth
2. Rinse with salt water
3. Put Vicks Vapor Rub on the cheek where the tooth hurts
4. Take ibuprofen it help keep swelling down
5. Keep head elevated while you sleep

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Then after a while you will get an abcess & possibly die.
Hopefully you can afford the treatment for that condition


I must say, I will try anything that will give me a pain free tooth. I went to a local dentist to see about my tooth, and having exam with VERY hi tech machines, and he told me what he could do. Well the secy/rep told me the price....for one tooth $246.00 that's 30% off the original price, and I do not have dental insurance. BUT I have GOT to say I would try your way first. Thank You for the advice. God Bless You. Sincerely yours, Georgia from Yuma, Arizona P.S. I would go to Mexico BUT
I have NO passport. Oh God Help Me.

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