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So I get poison ivy really bad (in the hospital) And each time I get it I have to get all these shots once a week for two months. I cannot use the pop blister and dry them (because if I get any in my bloodstream then in two hours it is goodbye cruel world) so I tried heat and that was a bad idea because I swelled up. Next I tried ice but it does not penetrate deep enough. So I go to 2 benedryl every four hours which helps a little. I wash my skin and make a paste out of vinegar, salt, lemon juice, and apple cider vinegar. I let dry. I wash off and put on toothpaste which I just leave on till I put salt mixture on aggain. In a mild case it only takes about 8 days in a severe case it takes three months. Still looking for something that works faster (and cheaper) because I have college (not cheap).

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My son just got poison ivy 3 days ago and he had it on his fdace and his body the only thing that I found that works is taking a cold shower yes I said cvold shower because hot water will open the pours up and the oils from the body will penetrate and make it worse so take a cold shower and use dish soap to wash with and pat dry then add aloe vera immediately after it helps for about 2 hours or so good luck all

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