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I have had problems with abscess and cracked teeth lately. The pain is very severe. There is no cure except for a root canal or pulling of the tooth. If you can't get to a dentist immediately, try to have some augmentin and amoxycilin on hand and start taking it. Start with the amoxycilin. If that doesn't seem to work in a few hours, switch to the augmentin. Also have a supply of vicodin handy in case the pain gets bad. If it is a cracked root, the antibiotic may not work too well because the structure of the tooth is breached and that's where the vicodin can save you until you can get the tooth pulled.

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throbbing pain

I have no dental insurance and my tooth is just killing me. I have Vicodin and it is not helping at all. I even had a z=pak that I started and it doesn't seem to work. Does the zpak stark right away, or does it take a day or two. I am going to take ibuprofen also. I cannot get in to see a dentist at the clinic for a month. I am agonizing in pain. Can you take two vicodins?

David (also in pain)

Amoxycillin will definitively not do anything in a few hours. Antibiotics need at least a couple of days to have any noticeable effect.


You are stupid, you cant get any of those medications without seeing a doctor.

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