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I'm 55 and nothing worked for me, had restless leg since I can remember - it was always called 'my achy leg' when I was little - lots of midnight hot baths a frustrated mother and useless doctor... same old story! Tried magnesium iron acupuncture none of them worked and lotions (which worked to a degree), all kinds of Sure Fire rememdies. Quack stuff off the internet - cost a bomb but 'worth a try' (not really!) The words 'have you tried... ' would really P me off and it was hard to smile politely at the 'It's in your head' comments. Anyway we had earthquakes here in Christchurch NZ several years ago and I took Executive B to help with stress and my RLS is no where near as bad now - it even disappeared completely for a while. Vit B12 apparently. That's about 18mths ago. I wonder sometimes if it's creeping back (not sure as it didn't 'completely' go away and I could be just paranoid) but it's not chronic like the first 53 years of my life - Sceptic that I am I still might try tumeric or ivory soap or blah de blah to kill it off once and for all!...... Unfortunately though I don't seem to sleep much better - probably a life time of habit aided by the menopausal hot flushes keeping me awake and interrupting my sleep instead of RLS!!! The timing of them's pretty mean really but at least I know in a few years they'll go away. Maybe then I'll sleep All night now wouldn't that be bliss.

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Brought To You by the Letter 'B'

Blah de blah? Blah, blah, blah!! Bleh, de blah de bleh. Blah, Blah, Blay. Don't you think?


I completely agree! I suffer from an auto immune disease which means i cant absorb Vitimin B12 orally meaning i have ti have a 3 monthly shot. EVERY time i start getting low and its time for a shot i get wrestless legs. This is my reminder to go and have my shot and that very night.... No more wrestless legs!!! :-)

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