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This remedy works great and is safe to use. Follow these steps.

1. Get four drops of acv in a spoon
2. Mix in three drops of tea tree oil
3. Add 5 drops of fresh lemon juice
4. Apply to a small piece of cotton.
5. Place the cotton on the skin tag.
6. Secure the cotton with any plaster.
7. Repeat twice a day.
8. Within 10 days your skin tag will be gone forever.

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Silly question but what's avc?


Apple cider Vinegar


Will it hurt


Will it hurt for a kid


Repeat twice a day for how long?? Should this be left in place all day??


I think acv stands 4 apple cider vinigar!...?...idk but sounds right like that's it...cause it's home remedies n that's natural!


You say to secure the cotton with any plaster... What do you mean by plaster, and where can you find it?
Thanks :)


Plaster is called band aid in the US


I tried the ACV and the tag dropped off in a couple days, there was a brownish spot and then a week later it started growing back, has anyone experienced that?


how long we place cotton on tag

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