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Unfortunately I suffer from fibrocystic breasts that act up with really painful tenderness. Heat and heating pads do NOT help, only ice (believe it or not). Wrap a ziploc bag filled with ice if you do not have a ice bag (crushed ice is best for comfort) but wrap the bag with a hand towel and place over your tender breasts and take an OTC ibuprofen dose and relax and try not to change positions once you find one that relieves and/or lessens the pain. I went to the doctor for mine the last time and about cried when he did the exam and he came back in and told me my breasts were full of fibrous muscle tissue and minor cysts that might be rupturing. He told me heat but I found NO comfort in heat therapy and, in desperation, tried cold and ah man, I was finally able to doze off. The pain lasted about 2 days but without the ice therapy, oh I shudder to think about it.

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I must try that.
I have always used heat and tried the cabbage treatment a few times but found it never worked.

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