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My daughter has been treating her 3 little girls & herself now 4 about 5 months with over the counter medications 2 no avail. BUT i finally told her 2 use ADAMS FLEA & TICK SPRAY. She sprayed them, & it killed the lice & eggs! She used olive oil 2 comb out the nits. She just started this, & will spray & oil them every 3-4 days, until no signs of those lil critters are left. This should take care of the problem. She also sprays their bedding before she washes in hot water. Of course this isn't a traditional way, but it was a last resort.

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I can certainly understand the desperation but as a nurse I would strongly recommend that no one use pet products to remove lice. A 5 month battle is tough I know, but there are head lice removal services like Nit Nurses of Virginia and New Mexico that provide natural head lice salon treatment. Nit Nurses head lice removal directory is a great place to find a service near you.


...thanx for the commercial...

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