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Von Kure

one glass 100% cranberry juice
one glass v8 juice
four glasses pure water
ONE Levaquin 500mg.
The above is taken daily for seven days.

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Levaquin (Quinolone drug class... So, Cipro too) can have devastating and long lasting, even lifetime adverse effects. Do your research and make an informed decision based on the potential risks. These are harsh drugs and should be antibiotics of last resort due to the potential for CNS and tendon toxicity. Discuss with your doctor whether there is a potential for you to be more susceptible to the side effects. Also read up on drugs that increase the potential for quinolone side effects... Even OTC meds.

I speak from experience. My sister is suffering because she just didn't know. By the time she ended up in the ER with symptoms of toxicity from the drug, it was too late.


Be careful of Bactrim, Cipro , Levaquin and oher drugs in this class. They can be very harmful and have permanent effects. Do your research.


NEVER take levaquin or ciprofloxacin. I was prescribed cipro for my uti and I can barely walk now. Do your research before blindly taking any drug your doctor gives you. Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome is real and it ruins peoples lives. I'm only 23 and this has changed my life forever.

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