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For ringworm and similar parasites such as microscopic mites that cause acne type skin and scalp pimples that resist all treatment. Run the shower water as hot as you can possibly stand it on the affected area. Repeat daily until it clears up. I discovered this after 48 years of itchy scalp sores and 20 or more Doctor treatment failures.

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I've tried this one too. Doesn't work at all for me. Next!

Don't give advice when you don't know what you're asking about

Ringworm is NOT a parasite, smart one. It is a fungus.


You're a fool. Again, ringworm is not a parasite it is a fungus, that flourishes in warm wet places. So the while hot water idea is ridiculous.


Damn some people can be fucking rude. I must not have had ringworm then because your method worked to get rid of the red itchy spots on my arm. Thank you!!! :))

Correcting rude people

You both know nothing so don't be rude. A fugus can be a parasite depending on what type of relationship it has with it's host. If the fungus is harming the host then it is a PARASITIC relationship making the fungus a parasite.


I have had an occasional bout with ringworm fungus, and I am enjoying the many suggestions here regarding possible cures. In a recent case I had, I used the herbal remedy called goldenseal, which is one of many antifungal remedies, as are many mentioned here. It made a big difference in my hand/nail ringworm, but it stains the nails yellow gold color. I am also using coconut oil.

I wanted to mention something in regard to the rather unpleasant comments by some fairly arrogant people who responded to the individual who referred to ringworm as a parasite. Parasites can be many types of living organisms, from animals (like the sea lamprey, a primitive fish), to many types of parasitic insects and worms, to small multi-cellular organisms, to bacteria, to fungi. A good basic definition of a parasite is:

an organism that lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host's expense.

Many fungi are parasitic and indeed ringworm, athlete's food, groin or jock itch are all one of three major types of fungus, most commonly Trichophyton rubrum or T. mentagrophytes, but may also be caused by Epidermophyton floccosum. They are all a fungus which lives on the nutrients from dead and living skin of humans and other animals, and they are all indeed a form of parasitic fungi, easily spread from one part of the body to another, and contagious. They all happen to like human skin.

Most parasites have limited functionality on their hosts. They are sensitive to temperature, changes in humidity and oxygen levels, permeability of the skin, pH (acid/base balances)and there are numerous chemicals which can slow or prevent them from reproduction. Most of the treatments, but commercial and natural, interrupt the reproduction of the parasite, which is why it takes weeks to be effective, and the risk or return is great if the treatment is not continued beyond the obvious physical aliments. That is why so many different potential helpful treatments work for a while and why some only work temporarily, etc. Most parasites are fairly fragile and need specific environments to survive, but they are also tenacious, and will go into a safe (for them) period of "hibernation" waiting out the hostile environment, only to return. Often to effectively kill a parasite, the host needs to get pretty toxic itself, which can be dangerous for both.

So, please be kind to one another. Everyone here is dealing with this problem and trying to provide helpful hints for treatment.

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