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first off i have tried many things. i noticed the brace wax stuff helped alot but it kept falling out on me. then i remember that i used to get canker soars all the time so i already had this stuff lying around for it. basically what this stuff does is like the brace wax. you put it on and it drys. ive had it on for 3 days now and i have felt NO PAIN and i have slept just fine. and i haven't even had to replace the coating yet ( excluding brushing my teeth). what i have is from the bran blistex KANKA professional strength mouth pain liquid. now the little tube thing that is comes with is super hard so i suggest using a q-tip. ive had this stuff for a long time and i have only bough one bottle. its a great way to get relief!

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I wouldn't leave that hole sealed to long youre face will end up swelling like a balloon short term minutes hours is fine days bad idea


i have pain right now i dont have jiffy so i am using a clove i crush it put it on my tooth boom it helps taste like jiffy or o jel must try it magic lol


It works Kanka works very good........ Thank you so much!!!!!


KANKA works amazing a few seconds after I put it on and no pain woke up three times last night tried bread vodka and salt water which did very little

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