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Hi All,

I am suffering from Psoriasis from last 1.5 years and initially was taking Allopathic Treatment which was just to control the Psoriasis but not cure at

From Last 3 months I am consulting one Homeopathic Dr. , I am not cured at all nor the Psoriasis is less effective but want to share what I tried and what did not worked and what is working

I have tried below

Did not worked at all

Vitamin D3
Omega 3
Zinc Tablets
Changing Diet

I also consulted Dr. and as per her we should not take any artificial Vitamins , it can cause more complications to Liver also need to take more Natural Sources

Below things are working

No Red Meat
Lot of Vegetables / Lentils
Lot of Fruits
Fish ( Salmon )
Baking Soda ( apply on wet skin to only patches - Not On Scalp )
Avocado Oil / Pure Almond Oil / Sesame Oil ( Body and Scalp ...twice a day )
Avoid Peeling/Scratching the Patches
Quite Smoking ( it helps 50 % faster recovery )
Yoga (Pranayama - Search on You tube )

I am still not cured and trying to follow as mush I can and hopefully one day will be free :)

Let me know if anyone has any natural way to recover fast


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hi DJ- even though you said changing diet didn't help, sounds like diet is helping (vegetables, fruits, fish, ect.) i posted a 'p' diet on 3-8-13, i've used it on and off for the last 20 years and have had really good success. may be worth your time. plus andy right below your post has really good advice also. most people try to treat this externally when it is really an internal problem. good luck

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