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Thx drs necessary. Saved A LOT... just need to apply heat for a week, maybe vinegar, or tumeric paste or iodine, but heat probably is the answer. THen SQUEEZE loosen and pop. Stuff comes out and you don't have to have surgery and a scar....pfff~ good luck

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I agree with your assessment. I had a cyst removed years ago and it cost me (after insurance) $1,500. I decided to do it on my own this time. I applied vinegar to the cyst for two days (until a film developed over the cyst) and then I pierced the film with a sterilized needle (this is very important, use every possible method of sterilization including flame (for the needle), alcohol, Neosporin, and iodine.) When you have the film pierced, you can drain the cyst by squeezing it. It's going to be really gross, so be prepared for that, and it'll probably take multiple draining sessions to get absolutely everything...and again,...use all kinds of anti-septic in the process....but, in the end, you can save yourself a lot of money.


Heat is what I use..I was looking for another way to soften tge cyst, I see the head just need it to bust..I am never getting cut again..they make money and I hurt...


But what if you are a child like me and you are afraid. Because I'm only 10 years old and it by my eye


Uwais--do NOT try the home remedies. Talk to an adult. If it is near your eye please be careful and ask someone about seeing a doctor.


I used smiles prid all natural drawing salve. I had a huge sebaceous cyst behind my ear for two weeks and I used prid for three days and it started oozing clear liquid. I squeezed it lightly And worked it around with my fingers real easy. The prid not only drew the infection out but it soften the skin and for the three days before it popped were the only days that it was bot painful to move my head around.

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