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Cant be thirsty when dead


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No, it really will not. I have had much more water than that in an hour (likely muchmore than a gallon) and I'm here. Before water intoxication kills you, you'll feel weird (ya know, intoxicated) and throw up.


I have 'real' athsma. The kind that kills you without medication (every day). I know as much as a doctor abot it and I can say for a fact that most of the people giving advice on thus page either don't know what they are talking about or they are out of their minds. Keep irritants down to a minimum, especially allergens. The only way to slow down an athsma attack (or stop it if your lucky) is to find a stimulant like caffeine or ephedrine and to keep calm. That's it.


5 glasses of water an hour is fine! You'll pee it out b4 u see any harm. If u chug like a gallon in 10 min then yes it will kill u. It happened to a little girl on the news etc. We know anything can harm u if u get way too much. But 5 glasses an hour? Not gonna hurt u

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Some very dangerous advice here to drink too much water. You cannot just pee it out if you get too much water, your kidneys have to filter it from your blood stream, and they can only filter a glass or two an hour. Plenty of healthy adults die of water intoxication, thinking they will just sweat out or pee out excess. Your blood stream will absorb the water and vessels expand, but your skull cannot expand, as your brain expands, you get brain damage, can pass out and die in a very short time. How much water you can drink depends on how large you are, how hot or cold it is where you are, how much exercise you are getting, how hydrated you are already, and how well your kidneys work. A couple glasses an hour is about maximum for a large person. Be informed. There is a formula, one-half to one ounce per pound of body weight per day, maximum.

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