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I had a bladder infect bad enough to have blood in the urine and got rid of it very quickly by taking 1 clove of raw garlic 3 times a day (mince it very fine, set it at the back of your tongue, if you don't want to taste it, and wash it down with water or juice) and also drinking about 350-400 ml of pure unsweetened organic cranberry juice (Lakewood or Knudsen) throughout the day. I also had green tea with fresh ginger root throughout the day. In a about a day and a half, my urine was clear, but I'm continuing this remedy for a while, then I will reduce dosage and continue as a preventative measure.

Garlic does wonders to boost the immune system. Take raw garlic in this way to cure a bad cold very quickly. It will amaze you. Ginger root also boosts the immune system. Garlic and ginger are good preventative measures for cold, flu and infection.

Avoid sugar, as sugar weakens your immune system.

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I did the same thing except for the garlic. Organic pure cranberry juice and symptoms and blood went away. I will check with my doctor this coming week to make sure it is gone. I will also add pure lemon juice in water as it is good for the bladder.

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