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Hi first of all I'd like to say apple cider vinegar really works on taking off genital warts! I recently found out that I have genital warts. My husband has had a little (what we thought was a mole) looking thing on his penis sense I've known him. I didn't think anything of him because I didn't know what GW really looked liked plus I thought you would have more then just one. Anywho we have been happily together a little over a year and recently got married. Also I'm 7 1/2 months pregnant. So about a month ago I was shaving down there and felt a weird bump that I know was not there before. I was in denial for a while cuz my husband is the only person I have been with in over a year and if were to get something from him why would it be a whole year later. Anyway I waited and went to my regular scheduled doc app and should her the bump and sure enough its GW. So all along that 'mole' on his penis was definately not a mole it was a wart. I was upset at first but I knew he had gotten it before he met me so I couldn't really be mad. Well now sense I'm pregnant my hormones are all outta wack and crazy and that causes my GW to spead real fast all over and grow and just look nasty! They have gotten to be like clusters and they r uncomfortable to wipe and sit down. Plus I am very self concious now and don't even like for my husband to touch me anywhere in that area. Which he can't stand. So i asked my doctor what I can do and she said nothing because I'm pregnant it can harm the baby so I have to wait till I'm not preg. But I don't want to wait that damn long this shit is gross. I been looking up home remedies that are safe online and found apple cider vinegar remedy. So I thought I'd give it a try so yesterday I went out and bought some heinz apple cider vinegar and cotton balls and went home took a shower to clean myself then I soaked the cotton ball in the acv and put it on my big wart cluster. It burned like a motherfucker but I just took deep breathsand held it on there. I taped some more acv soaked cotton balls on all the spots a have the warts and put my panties on. It burns real bad at first but after a while it doesn't hurt so bad. I sat with it for about 2 hours then took everything off and the warts were all white and hard and looked even more discussting.I took a shower. I put some hydrocrotozone creme on it cuz it was real sore then I went to bed. This morning when I looked at it in the mirror some of them are already gone ! I big cluster is almost flat and some of the little ones around it have totally disappeared ! I am so happy. My vag is real sore and tender today so imma wait till tomorrow to do it again but I am so happy that this shit really works. I'm excited to finally get rid of these warts until I can take actual medicine from the doctor.

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